"Action = Vie"​​​​​​​
In 2009, the Jean di Sciullo editions commissioned us to develop a book/object project that brings together all of their initiatives. Act-Up Paris, a historic association in the fight against AIDS in France, gathers volunteers and partners who organize actions to support patients from all communities.
20 years of actions in a 228-page book.
Archives from Act Up Paris
Posters and Photographs from
1989 to 2002 
Poster Collector "Action = Vie"
Size: 700x1000 mm
Print Run: 20 ex-numbered.
Design: Hakim Abel Ben Youcef
"Action = Vie"

Éditions Jean di Sciullo - Democratic Books Collection
145 x 210mm - 224 pages
100 photographs, 120 posters, and founding texts.
prefaced by of Pierre Bergé and Agnès b
Print Run: 5970 ex.

Graphic Designer

© Atelier Bagarre 2009