Logos & TV Network Rebranding
Founded as a magazine in the UK in 1996 and established as an urban music channel in France in 2003, Trace has become an international brand and a media group that operates 8 television networks and 2 radio stations while providing various business-to-business and business-to-customer services.
Overall, 360 has redesigned Trace’s complete corporate identity, created distinctive broadcast identities for the group’s 8 television networks, produced over 120 show idents and 60 special auto promo idents, as well as easy-to-use templates for any and all of the media group’s print and digital communication assets.

Every entity within the group now uses the Klavika typeface for all its communication purposes. The font conveys strength and coherence in all brand communications and also allows to create of modern, dynamic, and elegant typography displays. We created a specific version of the typeface, Trace Klavika.
"Trace 10th Anniversary Book"

Trace also consulted 360 to provide art direction and design on a coffee table book celebrating the 10th anniversary of its “hip-hop and R&B”-themed television network.
"TRACE TV"​​​​​​​

Creative 360
Creative Direction: Thibaut de Longeville
Motion Graphics: Vincent Dumond, Wanka
Graphic Designer: Hakim Abel Ben Youcef

Freelance Graphic Designer
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