"Half Decay"
What is nuclear physics? What are the effects of radiation on the body? Can we represent radiation in the real world,
and what constitutes it.
The book "Half Decay" answers all these questions and delves into the invisible matter of the field of nuclear physics.
Between fascination and fear, nuclear physics shapes the world; it holds the equation of God, the equation of everything.

By Aileen Howlett.
"Half Decay"
F+F School of Art and Design, Zürich
145 x 200 mm - 768 pages
Graphic Designer: Aileen Howlett
Print: Ok Digital Drück AG, Zürich
Binding: Buchbinderei Pertusini GMBH, Zürich 
Print run: 4 exemplaires
© Aileen Howlett, 2018

© Atelier Bagarre 2018​​​​​​​